Fencing, Decking & Sleepers


We offer various options of fencing from a difference in style to height. These options can be influenced on whether it is to be used as a decorative feature or simply for privacy.


Decking can be used as a quick and easy way to transform your garden. It requires minial excavation and once the correct weed prevention sheeting is in place, all of the framework and posts can be set in concrete to the necessary heights and levels. We also provide railings and steps to enhance the look of the decking.


Sleepers are a very cheap, yet effective soloution that can be used for multiple purposes from retaining garden overflow to creating a small bench top sitting area. All sleeper products require adequate excavation and a solid concrete foundation. Sleepers are then secured together with timber ribbed screwswith posts set in concrete if required for addtional support. 


R.L Groundworks can help you to choose the product best suited to your requirements.

Below are some of the fencing, decking and sleepers we have completed in difference styles, heights and with different materials.  

6ft 6in Fencing

4ft 6in Fence


Aggregates range in size and style, also colour and purpose. From small and large gravel and slate options to bark, wood chippings and also children's play bark. All of these materials are screened, prepared and provided by R.L Groundworks to meet your own unique requirements. There are literally 100's of style and colour variations as far as decorative aggregates go so please call today for free advice and ideas, helping you transform your home. Below are sample images of just some of the materials we can provide.

Red Gravel

20mm Multi-Gravel

Plum Slate


Rustic Multi-Textured 65mm Brick

Buff Textured

65mm Brick

R.L Groundworks can provide a range of wall and brick materials to create walls, which are designed to enhance the look of your home, whether it is for practical or aesthetic purposes. We offer garden walls, boundary walls, planters and much more! The most common and cost effective solution is your standard brick style, that we use for most jobs, however dependant on your budget and requirements, we can alternatively provide both man-made and natural walling blocks. Below are some of the walls we have completed in different styles, varying in price and with different materials.

Walling & Brickwork


R.L Groundworks can provide you with a weed-free, high quality lawn, using the highest grade of turf. We strongly believe that this source is the best quality living turf, ensuring that your lawn looks as good as possible. With our turf jobs, we supply everything from the manpower, to the machinery, topsoil and turf. Upon job completion, we also provide you with a care plan to ensure your lawn remains its best for years!

Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is also a service R.L Groundworks can provide. This is a more costly option; however it is practically maintenance free and is guaranteed to last! To guarantee the longevity of the work, we believe in a solid foundation and framework for all jobs. From the excavation we supply, lay and compact a hardcore sub-base. Once this is completed, we set either a plastic or timber frame for the work dependant on requirements, and then lay weed control sheeting which is secured in place to the now existing frame. The next step is to create a sand bedding layer to the height of the framework, which is followed by simply rolling the turf out on top of the bedding layer and then attaching it to the frame with staples to prevent movement.

Below are images of our latest turf and artificial turf jobs.

Natural Turf

Double Strip Turf

Artificial Turf

Turf & Artificial Turf


Drains, although ugly are usually essential either to prevent gardens holding excess water or to prevent water lying against your house wall. These days there are many options for drainage systems, although each serving a different purpose; slot topped channels, gavanised and plastic, steel frames recess manhole lids, gullypots and gravel pits. The most aesthetically pleasing of these options is a recess lid allowing the material to be hidden in the frame, taking your attention away from the manhole itself. All pipework where required is hidden underground whether we use existing drainage or a gravel soak away system. We can also build new drainage systems, manhold inspection chambers etc. dependant on planning permissions. Below are images of a few different options designed for different purposes.

Gavanised Resin Drainage System

Recess Manhole Lid

Black Plastic Drainage System



Gravel, Slate & Bark


Planters are an easy and effective way to transform the look of your garden. Whether it is something you enjoy doing as a hobby or just to be used to add a little bit of colour purely for aesthetic purposess. The cheapest and quickest option is log sleepers, ready treated wood. We line the inside of the planter to prevent the wood from rotting. We provide a vast array of other bricks and walling materials, all of which are built up on a solid concrete foundation that we, ourselves, also provide. Please see below images of our most recent planter area jobs. 

2.4m Brown Treated Sleepers

Decked Veranda Area with Steps and Handrail

(Front-facing boards)

Carlton Red Multi-Textured Brick Planter

Black Limestone Flag on end

Buff Textured Concrete Imitation Walling Block

Black Limestone Sandblasted 100mm Cobble Sett

Buff Textured Concrete Imitation Walling Block